Pjevaj Maro, Pjevaj Zlato/  Sing Maro Sing My Precious, Gallery Art, Museums and Galeries Podgorica, 2021/ 22

The exhibition Sing Mare, Sing my Precious... is an intermedia setting focused on gender and other stereotypes, which define the role of women in our society. Exhibition mapps gender as a socially constructed pattern and asks a series of questions aimed at tackling this social phenomenon and its numerous manifestations. 

Using the Montenegrin folk wedding song Sing Mare, My Little Lamb, as the main motif and inspiration, I tried to offer a new reading of age- old content, but they now contradict the fun and joy they are meant to symbolise. By playing the song without its instrumental background, purposefully prepared for this exhibition, I invite spectators to pay attention to the lyrics, instead of rejoicing over the music. A powerful trembling voice sheds new light on the "good old tune". What was perceived as joyous and tender suddenly becomes threatening, sinister, sad, even eerie… The observer is forced to constantly listen to several repeating verses during the visit to the exhibition, which at times become unbearable. The lyrics suddenly become clearer, and a new interpretation emerges. There is something about traditional folk songs in Montenegro, that is difficult to decipher, no matter from which perspective you think about them. The aspect of the feminine in these songs carries a bizarre combination of tenderness, love and cruelty. They clearly illustrate the framework of the traditional community, imbued with anxiety – a framework that dominates over all other aspects of life. The problem is that this framework prevails to this day, but it manifests itself differently. 

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Pjevaj Maro, Pjevaj Zlato/ Sing Mare, Sing my Precious, exhibition view, 2021/22

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